5月13日(木) | 港区


気候サミットなどでも注目されている気候変動対策について、内閣官房気候変動対策推進室・総括参事官/Green Finance Network Japan事務局長の高田英樹氏が前半に緊急講話。世界と日本の産官学民にとっての「脱炭素」戦略について、最新の状況、政府・自治体や産業界の方針、Art & Scienceの発信などお聞きします。後半は、政府・産業・科学・アートのこれまで公共を担ってきたパネリストと共に、参加者のみなさんが公務員・会社員・科学者・アーティストだったら貢献したいことなど、「脱炭素」公共創造家宣言を共創・採択。イベントごとに価値・評価軸を深め、国際フォーラム等に結実させます。


5月13日 20:00 – 21:00
港区, 日本、〒105-0001 東京都港区虎ノ門1丁目17−1 虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワー 15階


■ 日時場所 / Date & Time


Webinar from NRI CODO at 東京都千代田区丸の内北口ビル7階 (WeWork丸の内北口内)

■ 参加申込 / Participation & Application



■ 火曜e講 タイトル/ Title


/ Local Industry, Government, Universities and Declaration of my Public Creation for our "Local Innovation"

■ 主催 / Organizer

主催:次の一万年クラブ / Next Ten Millennia Club ( https://www.nexttenmillennia.club/ )

共催:セピック / Common earth Park international Community, CePiC ( https://www.cepic.earth/ )

■ 内容/ Description 

東京都の中小企業施策の企画・立案に長く携わるとともに、各自治体の施策検討委員会委員などを務められ、地域産業、中小企業、地域ビジネス、起業、製造業のサービス化、企業診断、産業政策など専門として、多摩大学経営情報学部を経て、現在明治大学政治経済学部教授で、明治大学奥山雅之ゼミ(地域産業研究)を率いられている奥山雅之氏(近共著『グローカルビジネスのすすめ』ほか著書多数。MEUJI NOW 紹介: https://meijinow.jp/study/seminar/28940 )が前半に基調講話。

地域産業・行政・大学と若者の自分事、大学発デザインを産官学民で応援・実現化する「地域イノベーション」共創について、地域繊維・アパレル産業を中心に最新の研究とゼミなどでの「地域イノベーション」共創状況、地域産業やそのグローバル化についての政府・自治体や産業界の方針、Art & Scienceの発信などポイントをお話いただきます。後半は、政府・産業・科学・アートのこれまで公共を担ってきたパネリストと共に、わたしたちが今できること。参加者のみなさんが公務員・会社員・科学者・アーティストだったら貢献したいことなど、チャットやアンケートでいただき、地球・世界・人類みんなのための公共が、まずは次の一万年つづく「地域イノベーション」公共創造家宣言を共創・採択。次の一万年クラブがアーカイブして、次回イベントなどでアップデート。年一回の一万年賞や国際フォーラムに結実させます。

/ In the first half, Mr. Masayuki Okuyama will give a keynote speech on the co-creation of "Local Innovation," in which local industry, government, universities, and young people's own affairs are supported and realized by industry, government, academia, and the private sector. He has been involved in the planning and formulation of policies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tokyo for a long time, and has also served as a member of the policy review committees of various local governments. He specializes in regional industry, SMEs, regional business, entrepreneurship, service-oriented manufacturing, corporate diagnosis, and industrial policy. He is currently a professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University, and is leading the Masayuki Okuyama Seminar (Regional Industry Research) at Meiji University (co-author of "Glocal Business no Susume" and many other books.

In the second half of the session, we will discuss what we can do now with panelists who have been involved in public affairs in government, industry, science, and art. If you were a public servant, a company employee, a scientist, or an artist, please let us know what you would like to contribute by chatting or filling out a questionnaire during or after this session.

The first step is to co-create and adopt a public creator's declaration on our "Local Innovation" that will last for the next 10,000 years of public service for the earth, the world, and all humankind. The Next Ten Millennia Club (NTSC) will archive it and update it at the next event. The NTMC will archive it and update it at the next event, etc. It will be brought to fruition in the annual Next Ten Millennia Award and International Forum.

■ 講師 / Guest Speaker

奥山 雅之(おくやま まさゆき)(明治大学政治経済学部教授/明治大学奥山雅之ゼミ(地域産業研究))

/ Masayuki Okuyama (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University / Masayuki Okuyama Seminar (Regional Industry Studies), Meiji University)

奥山 雅之



専門は地域産業、中小企業、地域ビジネス、起業、製造業のサービス化、企業診断、産業政策など。 博士(経済学)。

近著「グローカルビジネスのすすめ」「教養のための経済学超ブックガイド88 : 経済の論点がこれ1冊でわかる」「繊維・アパレルの構造変化と地域産業 : 海外生産と国内産地の行方 」「地域中小製造業のサービス・イノベーション : 『製品+サービス』のマネジメント 」ほか著書多数。

/ Masayuki Okuyama

Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University / Masayuki Okuyama Seminar (Regional Industry Studies), Meiji University. Passed the Certified Tax Accountant Examination. Small and Medium Business Consultant.

Completed the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Economics, Saitama University. After working at the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and as an associate professor at the Faculty of Management Information, Tama University, he became an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University in April 2017. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, he was engaged in diagnosis, guidance, and research of small and medium-sized enterprises at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Commerce and Industry Guidance Office. After that, he served as Deputy Counselor for Commerce and Industry Policy at the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs and Director of the Planning and Accounting Division at the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs. He has long been involved in the planning and formulation of SME policies for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and has also served as a member of the policy review committees of various local governments. 

He specializes in regional industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, regional business, entrepreneurship, service-oriented manufacturing, corporate diagnosis, and industrial policy. D. in economics.

D. in economics. His recent publications include "Recommendation of Glocal Business," "88 Super Book Guide to Economics for the Liberal Arts: Understanding Economic Issues in One Volume," "Structural Changes in Textiles and Apparel and Regional Industry: Overseas Production and the Future of Domestic Production," "Service Innovation in Regional Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Industries: Management of 'Products + Services,'" and many others.

■ モデレーターと♠政府/非経済パネリスト / Moderator and ♠Government/non-Economic Profit Panelists

御友 重希(みとも しげき)(野村総合研究所 未来創発センター 主席研究員(財務省より官民交流))

/ Shigeki MITOMO (Chief Researcher, Center for Strategic Management & Innovation, Nomura Research Institute (Public-Private Exchange from Ministry of Finance))

御友 重希

野村総合研究所 未来創発センター 主席研究員(財務省より官民交流)。

尾張名古屋生まれ。三女二男の父。米コーネル大MBA/経済学士。大蔵/財務省で主計・主税・理財・国際局、伊ローマの大使館、官邸秘書官を経て、英チャタムハウス、G7時に環境省、G20時に金融庁に出向。JCや商工会等と「Common earth Park」「SDGs Innovation」共創で連携。官民交流でNRI未来創発センター主席研究員として、日中共同研究、新型コロナウイルス三位一体ショック再興戦略研究会( https://www.nri.com/jp/service/souhatsu )を主導。レジリエンスジャパン推進協議会の専門委員として提言実現に向け連携。アジア太平洋日英知の国際交流センター(CIIE.asia)、みんなの地球公園国際コミュニティー(CePiC)、Mother Earth with Geo Voice(MEGV)、SDGs Innovation HUB(SIH)、次の一万年クラブ(NTMC)等を創案・創設し、公共創造家(見習)として現在に至る。主著に『チャタムハウスから世界へ』(きんざい)、『SDGsの本質~企業家と金融によるサステナビリティの追及』(中央経済社)。

/ Shigeki MITOMO (Chief Researcher, Center for Strategic Management & Innovation, Nomura Research Institute (Public-Private Exchange from Ministry of Finance))

Born in Nagoya, Owari. Father of three daughters and two sons. Bachelor's degree in Economics from University of Tokyo and MBA 1999 from Cornell University. After working for the Ministry of Finance, he was transferred to Chatham House in the UK, the Ministry of the Environment during the G7, and the Financial Services Agency during the G20. As a chief researcher at the NRI Center for Strategic Management & Innovation, he led the Japan-China joint research and the study group on the trinity shock revival strategy for the new coronavirus ( https://www.nri.com/jp/service/souhatsu ). He is also an expert member of the Resilient Japan Promotion Council, working to realize its recommendations. He has created and founded the Center for International Exchange of Japanese and British Knowledge in the Asia Pacific (CIIE.asia), the International Community for Everyone's Earth Park (CePiC), Mother Earth with Geo Voice (MEGV), the SDGs Innovation HUB (SIH), and the Next Ten Thousand Years Club (NTMC). He is the founder of MEGV (Mother Earth with Geo Voice), SIH (SDGs Innovation HUB), and NTMC (Next Ten Thousand Years Club). He is the author of "From Chatham House to the World" (Kinzai) and "The Essence of SDGs: Pursuit of Sustainability by Entrepreneurs and Finance" (Chuokeizai-sha).

■ ♦産業/経済パネリスト / ♦Industry/Economy Panelists

海野 恵一(うんの けいいち)(スウィングバイ代表取締役。アクセンチュア元代表取締役。)

/ Keiichi Unno (Representative Director of Swing Buy. Former Representative Director of Accenture.)

海野 恵一


国際青年会議所, JCI Senator。一般社団法人 SDGs Innovation HUB, SIH 特別顧問。  


以来32年間にわたり、数多くの業務革新支援や、海外展開による組織変革の手法について日本企業並び外国企業にコンサルティングを行う。1987年国際青年会議所 財政顧問。2001年アクセンチュア代表取締役を経て、2004年スウィングバイ2020株式会社(現:スウィングバイ(株))社を設立、代表取締役に就任。2004年天津日中大学院理事。2007年大連市星海友誼賞受賞。2012年海野塾塾長。日本企業のグローバル戦略支援の一環として、主に経営者を対象に外国人との付き合いのためのグローバルネゴシエーター育成プログラムを行っている。また、日本企業が海外展開するための事業支援に携わっている。


/ Keiichi Unno

Representative Director of Swing Buy. Former Representative Director of Accenture.

Special Advisor to SDGs Innovation HUB, SIH.  

Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1971 with a degree in Economics, and joined Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) in 1972.

Since then, for 32 years, he has provided support for numerous business innovations and consulting services to both Japanese and foreign companies on methods of organizational transformation through overseas expansion. He was a Treasurer to the Junior Chamber International 1987, a representative director of Accenture in 2001, and the founder and president of Swing by 2020 Inc. in 2004. He was a member of the board of directors of Tianjin Japan-China Graduate School in 2004, and received the Dalian Xinghai Friendship Award in 2007. As part of his support for the global strategies of Japanese companies, he conducts global negotiator training programs, mainly for executives, to help them deal with foreigners. He is also involved in business support for Japanese companies to expand their business overseas.

Specialties: Global negotiator training and overseas business development support. He is the author of many books, including "Future Business with China" (Japan-China Publishing Co., Ltd.) and "Can Japan Become a Leader in Asia in 2020" (First Press Co., Ltd.).

■ ♣(自然・社会)科学パネリスト / ♣(Natural and Social) Science Panelists

福岡 賢昌(ふくおか たかまさ)(法政大学グローバル教養学部(GIS)教授 / Takamasa Fukuoka (Professor at the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), Hosei University

福岡 賢昌



大学卒業後、NTT東日本(法人営業本部<外資系企業担当:主にアメリカ企業、ドイツ企業の製造業を担当>、経営企画部<海外マーケティング>)、NTTコミュニケーションズ(グローバル事業本部<ロンドン、パリ、フランクフルト、デュッセルドルフ、ミュンヘン、ソウル、香港を担当>)、十文字学園女子大学専任講師・准教授、芝浦工業大学兼任講師、台湾Shih Chien University(summer program)客員講師を歴任。台湾国立曁南国際大学EMBAプログラム及び國立政治大学・淡江大学のMBAプログラムにおける特別講義の実施等。論文、著書多数。

/ Takamasa Fukuoka

Professor at the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), Hosei University

He earned his PhD (Value and Decision Science) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. In addition to his academic achievements, he is well experienced both in business and as a business mentor. Beginning his career in the information, communication and technology industry (NTT East, and later for NTT Communications), he was engaged in international strategic planning and management (NTT East: Corporate Sales Division (in charge of foreign affiliated companies: mainly American and German manufacturers), Corporate Planning Department (global marketing), NTT Communications: Global Business Division (in charge of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Seoul, and Hong Kong)), and served more than ten years as a planner and coordinator for a Japanese government body concerned with stimulating investment by foreign countries in the economy of local communities. He has been a concurrent lecturer (part-time) at Jumonji University and Shibaura Institute of Technology, and a visiting lecturer at Shih Chien University (summer program) in Taiwan. He has given special lectures for the students of the EMBA program at National Chi Nan International University, and the MBA programs at National Chengchi University and Damkang University.

His current research interests fall into three areas. Firstly, he is exploring effective strategies to revitalize local economies, and has a particular interest in how local governments might enhance the attractiveness of their communities through regional branding. As well, he is working to identify the wants and needs of foreign-affiliated companies that might be enticed to invest in such regions. The theoretical and practical implications of this, with conclusions drawn from his own field-work, have been published in area relevant journals. Secondly, he has looked into the possibility of an effective business alliance between Taiwanese and Japanese companies. In the past few years, he has interviewed company presidents in the both countries, and highlighted the similarities and differences in management styles. Articles based on those interviews have been published in the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association’s journal. Last but not least, he has recently begun researching team building and leadership in the diverse workplace, a topic which is of growing significance in both business and society today. 

■ ♥アート/非科学パネリスト / ♥Art/Non-Science Panelists

新野 圭二郎(にいの・けいじろう)(公共創造家)

/ Keijiro Niino (Public Creator)

新野 圭二郎

公共創造家。1975年愛知県生まれ。(一社)次の一万年クラブ代表理事、株式会社N STUDIO代表取締役、(一社)日本橋歴史アーカイブス代表理事。2003年に株式会社N STUDIOの前身となる有限会社Niino project&ideasを東京日本橋大伝馬町に設立。2004年より現代美術の活動を開始し、アーティスト・ヨーゼフ・ボイスが提唱した「社会彫刻」を21世紀にアップデートした「公共創造」を行う公共創造家となる。2016年、日本橋を中心とした江戸東京の記憶を蓄積させる(一社)日本橋アーカイブスを発足し代表理事に。2019年、『日本橋歴史アーカイブス』 (監修:江戸東京博物館名誉館長・竹内誠)を中央区立常盤小学校別館ギャラリーに常設オープン。 2021年、官民連携で公共創造を行うプラットフォーム、(一社)次の一万年クラブを共同創立。

/ Keijiro Niino

Public Creator. Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1975. In 2003, he founded Niino project&ideas, the predecessor of N STUDIO, in Nihonbashi-Ohdenmacho, Tokyo. In 2016, he founded and became the president of Nihombashi Archives, a company that accumulates memories of Edo-Tokyo centered on Nihombashi. In 2019, he will open the Nihonbashi History Archives (supervised by Makoto Takeuchi, Honorary Director of the Edo-Tokyo Museum) in the Tokiwa Elementary School Annex Gallery in Chuo City. In 2021, he co-founded the Next 10,000 Years Club, a platform for public-private collaboration for public creation.

以上 / end

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